The name's Justin. I'm a designer with a business and information technology degree. Now those two may not seemingly go together like peanut butter and jelly do, but I've learnt a lot from both. That's what mainly drives me — learning. Not only that but also, how I can leverage whatever I've learnt to help other people with that knowledge.

Why design? Well, I believe it's a craft that can be leveraged to tackle problems and have a profound effect on people's emotions, experiences and interactions that could go beyond a screen.

I care about climate change, access to government services and education. I'm hoping that I can find (or found) a domain where I can put what I've learnt to the test and continue to pursue innovation for social good. I want to get my hands dirty and tackle problems that go beyond the usual applications sitting on our homescreen begging for our attention, tapping into our endless dopamine reserves.

A younger version of me next to a workstation
Always messing around with them computer thingies.

In essence, the thing that I do is to help people identify problems within a product so that we can work cohesively towards the creation of a personalized experience. I spend my time researching, talking to people and asking a bunch of questions so that I can fully immerse myself into the problem space. Once I feel I'm able to offer credible solutions I move on to prototyping and testing. I think I'd describe my approach as more instinct based rather than a template I can use as a fallback. I'd like to think that a process should be adaptive rather than prescriptive.

My admittedly sometimes child-like inquisitiveness forces me to be overly-introspective and ask why every single time. It helps, it really does.

Even though I'm just starting out I've had to reinvent myself more than a few times. I believe however that if you can do that, then you can bring real value to a team. Some other things you might want to know are that I’m a self-confessed documentary junkie, an astronomy enthusiast and a huge Manchester United (soccer) fan. I also consider myself to be an introspective person (I guess) who often spends a lot of time thinking, but I fully embrace the ethos of moving fast and getting stuff done. Anywho, I think I've said enough about myself. What about you reader? What's your story?